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When the Lights Go Out: The Emerging Role of On-Site Power in Ensuring Business Continuity   arrow

The August 2003 Northeast Blackout cost businesses $6 billion. So what are they doing about it?

New customer strategies to deal with the costs and risks of business discontinuity are reshaping the market for on-site power systems. The best new on-site power solutions must consider the rapidly changing market landscape:

Redefined mission-critical power needs within business continuity plans and evolving liability risks
Restructuring insurance company policy terms and rates
Increasingly rigid environmental constraints
Business opportunities for participation in demand response programs
Dynamic capabilities of “smart” energy and web-based integration systems
New cyber and physical security imperatives

What will the study do?
North Star Energy Group’s “When the Lights Go Out: The Emerging Role of On-Site Power in Ensuring Business Continuity” will:

Research what businesses most affected by power outages have done and are planning to do, how they view the choices they have, and what they would like to see from providers.
Analyze market trends in business continuity planning, insurance terms and costs, liability, and other factors steering this market in a new direction.
Illustrate where the market is headed through descriptions of bellweather projects and best practices.
Provide a scenario-based outlook for future market trends.

The project will kick off upon sufficient subscriber participation and take approximately nine months.

Who will benefit from participation?

DG Equipment Providers
The customer insights and market trends from this study will define market potential moving forward.
Energy Service Companies
Insights from this study should help retarget ESCO marketing efforts toward highest priority customer needs.
Controls and Systems Integration Companies
New market directions could create a market boost for systems (hardware and software).
Financial Community
Changing customer needs determined by this study will define the nature of new investments.
Insurance Companies, Business Continuity/Disaster Preparedness providers, and Law Firms
This study will define the market direction for these important related services.

Also, energy marketers; regulatory agencies at the federal, state & local level; energy utilities; and others will benefit from participation. Critical segment customer associations, FERC, DOE, and others have noted the importance of the issues addressed in this study.

What will I get if I participate?

Attend two project meetings to discuss research results and hear directly from customers and market stakeholders how this changing market affects your business.
Receive monthly, issue-focused research updates.
Receive a confidential final report documenting research findings.

Who will do the work?
North Star Energy Group, Inc.

North Star Energy Group principals have been on the leading edge of research on developments in distributed generation markets for the past two decades. This study will characterize new directions in power solutions markets by building on customer research and overlaying key industry trends in insurance markets, environmental regulations, power grid restructuring, and distributed generation systems technologies. For North Star Energy Group Bios, click here.

The team is strengthened by the addition of deep experience in critical areas:

Roger Feldman, Bingham-McCutcheon, LLP

In the wake of the Northeast Blackout and other events, the resolution of important legal questions will create new precedents that may be critical to business risk equations in the future. We will draw on Mr. Feldman’s 30-year career providing legal counsel on a wide range of energy and environmental issues to provide unique insights on how these issues impact changing power needs for ensuring business continuity. For Mr. Feldman’s bio, click here.

Beacon Integrated Solutions, LLC

The Beacon team has combined infrastructure services experience in excess of 60 years, including all phases of energy project development, financing, financing structuring and implementation, construction management, operations, and asset management and optimization. The Beacon team’s broad experience will help identify potential pitfalls and develop prospective strategies for minimizing costs and business risks in the new market environment. Learn more about Beacon Integrated Solutions, LLC. (134K PDF)