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Today’s New Energy Consumer: Characterizing Changing Conservation Behavior and Attitudes

Summary: This multiclient study will help energy organizations and home product and service companies characterize the changing business and consumer environment for the broad spectrum of energy-related products and services. It will separate the near-term and long-term impact of changing homeowner conservation attitudes and behaviors.

Status: New (Early participation discount of 10% available till October 1, 2004)

Cost: $19,500

Who Should Participate: Natural gas and electric utilities, major energy producers, industry associations, energy equipment manufacturers, energy-efficiency product providers, energy industry and government efficiency program planners, energy forecasters, and related organizations. 59K PDF
The Future of Household Gas Consumption in the U.S.: Trends, Issues, and Projections

Summary: This multiclient study will help gas companies and their trade allies assess the impact of more efficient gas appliances, homeowner conservation measures, new home construction practices, new gas burner tips, and higher energy prices. The study will deliver the information and tools to improve and explain forecasts of residential gas consumption.

Status: Ongoing: Participation is open.

11 natural gas utilities currently participating
10% discount available for Southern Gas Association members

Cost: $9,500

Who Should Participate: Natural gas utilities, energy forecasters, residential gas equipment manufacturers, energy-efficiency program planners, and related organizations.