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North Star Energy Group delivers critical insights and analyses to energy utilities and related companies through information products and consulting services. Areas of research include new product business opportunity analysis and market research, energy customer utilization trends analysis, and strategic business analysis. We have a virtual network of companies and independent professionals that we team with to provide broad expertise to each of our projects. We can provide information on our past projects and clients on request.

Conferences & Workshops

The professionals at North Star Energy Group have helped organize more than 100 energy industry workshops, conferences, and seminars. These events have included outstanding speakers; insights on current, business-critical issues; excellent facilities and service; and satisfied organizers and attendees. North Star Energy Group is available to organize strategic management retreats, customer meetings, and industry conferences and seminars. The North Star Energy Group promise is to use our business knowledge of retail energy markets, attention to detail, and personal touch to make your meeting both memorable and highly productive.


North Star Energy Group
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